Obama Birth Certificate

The Obama Certificate of Live Birth:
Findings, Opinions & Misconceptions

The following serves to clarify my involvement in the Obama birth certificate saga.  This is also meant to dispel misconceptions (and in some instances, outright untruths) that are circulating regarding my work and opinions with respect to the birth certificate.

Decision to Examine the Obama Certificate of Live Birth

First, I am not a “birther” intent on President Obama’s impeachment.  In fact, I’m an Obama supporter.  I voted for him twice and, if I had the chance, would vote for him again.

In the past I have been approached numerous times to review the birth certificate issue. I always refused, given my political leanings and the resulting potential for reaching biased opinions about the matter.  I finally agreed when Michael Zullo of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse contacted me in November 2012, reminding myself that as a handwriting and document examiner my duty is to allow whatever documentation I’m examining to speak for itself and that I am not an advocate for either side or any party.  It might be likened to an attorney who defends a murder suspect but who does not condone murder.  As with any case that I work, I have made a concerted effort to lay personal bias aside and work toward the most objective opinions regarding the Obama birth certificate matter.

Mr. Zullo asked that I examine the PDF version of the Obama “Certificate of Live Birth” (COLB) allegedly released by the White House and posted on the White House website in April 2011.  He requested that I determine if the PDF is likely a color scan of an actual certificate or, on the contrary, if it bears any evidence of tampering, alteration, manipulation, or computerized manufacture.  Essentially, Mr. Zullo’s question was whether it is possible the COLB is a forgery.

Mr. Zullo is the legal owner of the extensive report I produced as a result of my examination.  Consequently, I cannot divulge my complete findings here, other than to say the document I examined has a number of anomalies that render it suspicious as to authenticity.  I suggest that anyone seeking details about my examination and findings contact Mr. Zullo.  Please do not contact me directly as I can give no more information than what is stated here.

I can say this: My observations, findings, comments and/or opinions regarding the birth certificate are based solely on the PDF file Mr. Zullo provided for my examination and analysis.  I was informed the COLB I reviewed is the exact document released by the White House, and I performed my examination under the assumption that it is.  However, I have no firsthand knowledge that it is in fact the actual document obtained from the State of Hawaii Department of Health or if it is a true and accurate representation thereof.  Absent the Department of Health’s willingness to allow an examination of the original, there is no way to prove if the document I examined is a proper duplicate of same.

Under normal circumstances, document examiners who are investigating allegedly altered material work only with original documentation.  In cases where official documents are in question, other similar official documents of the same time period are required for examination and comparison.  Any statements of opinion that I have given are therefore contingent upon examination of the original paper document allegedly in the hands of the State of Hawaii Department of Health.

In short, my examination does not prove that President Obama’s valid Certificate of Live Birth does or does not exist at the State of Hawaii Department of Health.  If the certificate is in fact at the Department of Health, my examination still does not prove that that document is valid.  Again, I have not examined the original and can therefore not be certain as to the authenticity of the COLB.

As stated in my report to Mr. Zullo, the COLB that I examined has so many blatant oddities that it makes me wonder if this particular PDF may have been created in an effort to impeach President Obama.  Surely the creator of the document (if it is in fact manufactured and not just a color scan) would have been sufficiently familiar with image editing programs so as to not leave such numerous, noticeable discrepancies in the final product, unless it was intended as an impeachment tool.  Familiarity with basic scanning techniques and image editing procedures should have precluded such obvious “mistakes.”

Myths and Misconceptions (Do Not Believe What You Read or Hear)

I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be, “the nation’s foremost document examiner” as some are touting.  There are many other professional document examiners who are excellent at their craft and who could have done outstanding work on this matter if they had so chosen.

I have never stated in any of my cases that I am “100 percent certain” of anything.  Some have indicated that my report to Mr. Zullo concludes with the statement that “I have never seen a document that is so seriously questionable in so many respects” and “the birth certificate posted on the Whitehouse website on April 27, 2011 is entirely fabricated.”  However, as stated previously and also clarified in my report, I have no knowledge if in fact that document represents the birth certificate in possession of the State of Hawaii.  My report also makes it clear that I suspect the document released by the White House may be a fabricated document intended to bring down President Obama. 

Some have erroneously publicized that I work for the Perkins Coie law firm in Seattle.  Others have stated that I have been retained by attorneys at Perkins Coie to render testimony.  Still others claim that I am an expert witness for the firm.  Perkins Coie appears on my list of clients because I worked one (count them—one) questioned handwriting case for the firm in the early ‘90s.  The matter settled out of court and I did not render testimony at deposition, hearing, or trial.  I am not an expert witness for Perkins Coie nor am I associated with them in any way aside from that lone case from years ago.  It amazes me how people can make something out of nothing in order to lend support to their agenda.

There are lies swirling around that my former partner, who passed away in 2001, was an attorney for the ACLU.  He was not!  This misconception has caused some to leap to the conclusion that I am “a registered Democrat” because of association with an ACLU employee.  I am not!  Again, erroneous assumptions based on inaccurate information.

Some have accused me of being unpatriotic because of my involvement with the birth certificate saga.  Others are calling me courageous and patriotic.  In fact, I have worked on this matter without prejudice and in an effort to arrive at the truth.  I have little respect for those with narrow views who have pigeon-holed me or my findings and fabricated information about my personal and professional life in order to promote their own political agendas.

In short, there are indications that the Obama Certificate of Live Birth released by the White House in April 2011 may be a manufactured document or perhaps even an outright forgery.  But without examining the original document housed at the Hawaii Department of Health, there can be no absolute certainty.