Danger Between The Lines




This manual presents a diagnostic tool which can be readily applied to detect and identify high-risk behavior in employees, students, patients, prisoners, and criminal suspects. A unique and efficient reference manual, it is used by human resources evaluators, mental health professionals, security personnel, law enforcement and corrections officials. For use in Conflict Resolution, Workplace Violence, Employment Pre-screening, Investigation, Law Enforcement, Safe-Dating, and Domestic Abuse.

Based on years of research at Hawaii State Hospital, this psychological assessment tool identifies the dangerous or violent personality through written communication (handwriting analysis). It provides a method for confirming educated guesses by way of critical examination. Visual/pictorial maps and psychological descriptions of both mentally healthy and violent characteristics are presented. It further describes character traits which tend to facilitate or inhibit violent behavior. The techniques are user-friendly to all readers.

• Principles of Handwriting Analysis chapter, vastly expanded from previous edition (now 65 pages)
• Extensive descriptions and illustrations of Danger Signs, Facilitators, and Inhibitors
• Approximately 600 handwritings of 480 dangerous & non-dangerous subjects

Serial killers—Ted Bundy, BTK Killer, Aileen Wuornos, Jeff Dahmer, Zodiac Killer, Henry Lee Lucas
Rampage killers—Robert Hawkins, Colin Ferguson, Charles Roberts
Bombers—Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph
School shooters—Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Luke Woodham
Pedophiles—Richard Allen Davis, Rev. Louis Miller, Beth Friedman, Albert Fish
Rapists—Richard Ramirez, Martin Kipp, Kenneth Bianchi
Cannibals—Albert Fish, Jeff Dahmer
Vampires—James Riva, Peter Kurten
Poisoners—Dorothy Puente, Dr. William Palmer
Outlaws—Clyde Barrow, Jesse James, Roy Gardner
Nazi officials—Adolf Hitler, Hans Lammers, Heinrich Himmler
Assassins—Lee Harvey Oswald, Squeaky Fromme, Sirhan Sirhan, Mark Chapman, John Hinkley, Jr.
Terrorists—Osama bin Laden, Marwan Yousef al-Shehhi, Zacharias Moussaui
Baby killers—Andrea Yates, Susan Smith, Nicole Beecroft, China Arnold, Christine Falling
Cult leaders—Charles Manson, Rev. Jim Jones, Warren Jeffs   …And many more!

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