Effective Witness Techniques




This extensive guide is intended to take some of the fear out of courtroom or deposition testimony. It includes general information about trials and what might be expected of the expert while on the witness stand.

  • Witness qualification, including a list of suggested qualifying questions
  • Direct testimony, with recommended questions that will help explain your opinions and reasoning to the court
  • Cross-examination:
    • What kind of questions can you anticipate from opposing counsel and what are the best responses?
    • How to deal with a tricky or hostile cross-examiner
    • Handling hypothetical or confusing questions
  • What to do if opposing counsel focuses on your graphological training in an attempt to show that you are not a forensic¬†handwriting expert at all
  • Depositions: What to expect when you are deposed, how to deal with the questions that are posed, and how to generally prepare for the occasion. Approximately 50 tips pertaining to trial preparation and presentation of testimony

A must for anyone in the forensic handwriting and document examination field.

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