Statement of Qualifications

Reed Hayes, CDE is a certified, court-qualified handwriting and document examiner with approximately 28 years experience in forensic handwriting work. He attained certification from Andrew Bradley and Associates in 1993 and completed Mr. Bradley’s Extended Training in Questioned Document Problems in 1994.  He received certification from the National Association of Document Examiners (NADE) in 2001 and was re-certified in 2006, 2011, 2016 and 2021 in accordance with NADE’s certification requirements.  He also holds a certificate of training from the American Institute of Applied Science. 
In addition to formal training, Mr. Hayes has attended approximately 500 hours of continuing education at handwriting and document examination conferences, seminars and workshops since 1990. He has testified 34 times in various courts in the State of Hawaii, Superior Court of Guam and Superior Court of Saipan. He has authored and co-authored numerous books and peer-reviewed articles pertaining to handwriting evaluation, the most notable of which is “Forensic Handwriting Examination: A Definitive Guide” (2006).  He has also lectured many times about handwriting analysis in the U.S., Canada and England, and has taught a Training Course in Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination since 2006, with students throughout the world.
Mr. Hayes is a member in good standing in the National Association of Document Examiners, American Handwriting Analysis Foundation, and the Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners of which he was Education Chair 2013-2020.

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